Streamlining Leader Standard Work with Kamishibai Boards

March 30, 2023
Streamlining Leader Standard Work with Kamishibai Boards

Leaders are responsible for aligning their teams with their goals and visions. However, focusing on everyone in your group can be challenging while dealing with a larger group or multiple projects. Here comes the need for a Kamishibai Board. They can act as an effective tool for your Leader Standard Work and help you maintain focus on your goals. The Kamishibai System could easily streamline Lean Manufacturing processes.

Kamishibai Cards are an effective tool for Leader Standard Work 

Kamishibai Boards are visual management tools used to help Lean Management and monitor processes. Being a powerful tool for continuous improvement and standardised work, implementing Kamishibai boards in your business gives you a better focus on live projects. Thus you can prioritise activities appropriately. It reduces the Takt time, which benefits your business.

With the Kamishibai System, businesses can streamline processes by providing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), enabling employees to follow each task, observe it, and complete it efficiently. Leaders use Kamishibai cards to aid them in training and development, monitor business operations, promote problem-solving, and make changes. Leader Standard Work is the daily, weekly or monthly management tasks the leaders must perform to support the organisation's goals.

We can see this with the help of an example; adequate measures are adopted in the automotive industry to develop new products, reduce possible errors and reduce Takt Time. Insights by Kamishibai Card helps in the entire production process and problem-solving. The ongoing status of creating a new automobile is made visible by a Kamishibai Card. It enhances productivity and reduces possible errors during the production process. 

Kamishibai Cards can streamline Leader Standard Work through proper communication of work progress. Kamishibai Cards encourage Leader Standard Work as a visual tool for leaders to track workers' progress and ensure that tasks are done on time.

You may implement the following Lean strategies with Kamishibai Boards to help with Leader Standard Work:

Gemba Walks: Gemba walks involve going to where the work is being done and observing the process. Kamishibai Cards can support Gemba walks by providing a visual tool for leaders to track employee engagement and ensure they complete their tasks on time with proper work instructions.

Each card can contain information about a specific area of the process that needs to be observed, such as safety audits, quality control or productivity. The multicoloured cards indicate the status of each undergoing process.

Operational Audits: Process audits are a vital part of Leader Standard Work. It involves reviewing the procedures to ensure accuracy and consistency. Kamishibai boards can support process audits by providing a visual control tool for leaders to track their progress and ensure all processes are completed. Kamishibai Cards contain insights for each task and hence help with reviewing procedures.

Team Meetings: Team meetings enable managers to interact with their team and ensure everyone aligns with organisational objectives. Thus it establishes team collaboration. Kamishibai Cards can support team meetings by providing a visual control tool for leaders to track their Lean Management progress and ensure employee engagement on tasks according to work instructions.

The information on each card, such as quality standard, productivity, or safety audits, is discussed at the team meeting. The Kamishibai boards thus ensure that all aspects of the process are routinely audited, and the cards are coloured-coded accordingly to indicate the status of each task. Hence it increases visibility to performance metrics.

Continuous Improvement: Continuous improvement helps in identifying opportunities for improvement and implementing changes to the process. Kamishibai boards can support continuous improvement by providing a visual control tool for leaders to track their progress and address all improvement opportunities.

The cards can track each item's status and ensure that all possibilities for development are taken advantage of immediately. By using Kamishibai Cards to support continuous improvement, leaders can ensure that their processes are constantly evolving and improving to meet the organisation's needs.

Kaizen Events: Kaizen Events is ideal for brainstorming ideas and implementing strategies to improve existing Lean Manufacturing processes. There is an investment of employee time in Kaizen events. The Kamishibai cards resemble cue cards or work instructions for process audits. Thus it eases the process of Leader Standard Work in terms of adequately implementing the provided instructions.

Benefits of implementing Kamishibai Board for Leader Standard Work

Leader Standard Work is a critical aspect of any successful organisation. It involves defining and following standardised work to ensure that processes occur consistently.

Kamishibai Cards benefit Leader Standard Work for several reasons:

Visual Management: An easy way to remember tasks and processes is with Kamishibai Cards. Valuable insights into functions and when to accomplish them make it simple for employees to complete their duties. Kamishibai card helps to analyse work progress by its colour indications and also aids in the communication of a leader's views or directives for proper consideration.

Standardisation: Kamishibai Cards ensure processes are followed consistently by displaying proper organisational instructions. Employees receive a rough notion of the rules they must follow before beginning work. It is critical for quality control and ensuring that products and services are delivered consistently. Kamishibai cards assist in root cause analysis which helps to solve problems efficiently. 

Kamishibai Boards streamline the production processes within the organisation as a visual aid. It plays a crucial role in Leader Standard Work through proper communication of ongoing operations and hence helps with standardisation.

Accountability: Kamishibai Cards provide a way to track the completion of tasks. It establishes responsibility and guarantees that nothing remains unchecked. It also analyses the current status of a process. Kamishibai cards also enhance visibility for the entire process. This visibility helps in Leader Standard Work by giving better insights into work progress.

Digital boards have replaced traditional tier boards, ensuring sufficient exposure to current organisational activities. These digital boards help speed up operations while maintaining accuracy. The Kamishibai system guarantees work completion, team collaboration, and accountability, indicates possibilities for growth, and replaces conventional tier boards. Leaders utilise Kamishibai boards to evaluate business operations and promote problem-solving and intelligent solutions. You may introduce Kamishibai Cards into your organisation and raise the general effectiveness of your team by following the above-described procedures.

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