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Manage your projects, process and people in a single integrated platform with Digital Tcards for Construction.

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Finding it difficult to keep track of your construction projects? Are the unmet deadlines putting you in a touchy situation? Does the lack of clear communication drag you to unplanned expenses? We have got you covered. Build your next-generation construction industry with Tcard construction management software. Establish a seamless connection between your remote worksites and the office and increase efficiency by clearly planning and distributing the workload.

Construction Project Management TCard

Project Management

Plan, track, and manage your projects. Oversee them from beginning to end with highly customisable views that make the project planning easy. Real-time communication across the teams helps manage the information needed to execute the essential action items. A single database system here can provide visibility of the life cycle of the projects. Improve your processes by reducing the risks related to construction and operations with accurate data logs. All the key stakeholders will have access to the updated information in a centralised location with maximum visibility and in a clear format understood by everyone.Real-Time dashboards of project progress, project overview, procurement control and resources make project management a breeze.

Task Allocation

Standardise, schedule and prioritise the projects with the electronic TCard system. Efficiently allocate tasks to employees. T cards allow the task creation, prioritisation, sequencing, allocation and location-based assignment using different coloured T cards. Colour-coded statuses bring visibility into task completion and ensure that they are completed in the correct order. Dropping what needs to be done on a project on a TCard can keep your team in the field connected on all the essential use cases such as plan viewing, punch list, scheduling, and reporting. All these features can give you an edge in scheduling and tracking your daily work.

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Tcard system task allocation

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T cards are a simple and effective tool to track and record various processes in any business. Irrespective of industries, all organisations benefit from t cards.

Construction Project Real Time Reports

Real-time Collaboration

Have visibility into every step of the process with detailed T cards information on what, who, when and how. A clear understanding of the current status of the projects can keep you ahead of the potential risks before it is too late. Real-time collaborations with Head contractors and subcontractors mitigate the risk of disputes, delays, and surprise costs.

  • View the changes in contracts and the fields straight away.
  • Stay up to date with project status to ensure smooth project delivery.
  • Maintaining a unified platform for the project teams.
  • Improving the performance and predictability by leveraging the knowledge of all the stakeholders.
  • Enhances operational efficiency, facilitates processes and eliminates duplication.

Workflow Management

Standardise the projects and centralise workflow across all your projects. Manage the workflow between the fields and the office with the t-card system. Record progress, track productivity in real-time, connect tasks to goals and keep your objectives organised. Digital Tcard systems allow you the management of work efficiency in the field with custom task names, colours, and status orders. The team clearly understands the controls they need to complete your project on time. The level of flexibility provided allows you to modify permissions, thereby enabling a greater number of users to participate in ongoing work and evaluate completed work.

  • Keep track of upcoming projects.
  • Visualisation and planning of the work progress. Monitor the tasks performed as they progress. Work status and history to give an updated view of the task.
  • Track tasks on the list, update workflows on a Board, and drag and drop due dates on a Calendar.
  • Tailor workflows and launch-related tasks and automatic info pre-fills.
Construction workflow management tcards
construction asset management

Assets Management

Organise your assets and make them available for the team with electronic tcard system. Manage your equipment and schedule maintenance proactively to reduce errors ahead of time. A comprehensive view of equipment status and asset utilisation helps identify how optimising consistent quality checks improve asset value. Stay updated on available assets, allocate accordingly to different construction sites, and spend less time searching for it.

  • Automate the scheduling of preventive and corrective maintenance of the equipment.
  • Keeps the assets in working and safe to use condition.
  • Minimise downtime.
  • Avoid wastage of resources and reduce loss of items.

Inventory Management

Invest the minimum time inventorying. Track your stocks with scheduled reminders and manage the inventories' check-in and check out with tcard online systems. Procurement and identification of ideal stocks or equipment to the required sites is no more exhausting.

  • Tracking the activity history of the equipment
  • Material planning and control
  • Ensuring proper storage of the stocks
  • Stock auto alerts and reminders
  • Tracking across multiple locations/ warehouses
  • Multi-user access
  • Advanced reporting and analytics to make the right decisions.
  • Automate the process of adding or modifying inventory counts.
Tcard construction inventory management
Construction digital document tcard

Digital Document Management

Track the progress of the construction processes with the up-to-date information of the digital document management system. The documents can be attached in real-time and enable efficient management of the enormous volume of documents generated across the entire construction project lifecycle. The automated version of the document management ensures that the team is working on the proposed tasks without confusion. Streamlining the managing of the change requests can also be done here. The digital version of the document management system has enabled the smooth handing over of comprehensive data collection upon the project completion.

Schedule Management

Scheduling is the very first step in a construction project. Assigning the contractors the task and the right resources to complete the project timelines is the primary aim here. Improving the coordination between the construction teams and the project schedulers increases visibility, boosts productivity, and improves quality. Visual dashboards enable the field teams to see what needs to be done and when.

Construction schedule management system tcard

Resource Management

Manage your people on multiple projects with Digital TCard systems. Plan and allocate the right resources with the correct skill sets and experience required to meet the project objectives with the Employee skill matrix. Tcard softwares can record the employees' working hours and manage their time off.

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Dashboards and Charts

Customise your multiple dashboards and make data-driven decisions in your field operations. Keep an eye on specific metrics, track them and turn your data into actionable data insights with Tcard dashboards and charts.

  • Ensuring effective communication by sharing visual reports.
  • Customise personal dashboards to optimise your day-to-day priorities.
  • Reports and dashboards to view all information at once.
  • Interactive dashboards to facilitate your organisation to highlight the issues and take action.
  • Share your dashboards across the organisation and ensure everyone is on the same page.
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Construction project management TCard dashboards

What is construction project management?

Construction project management manages and executes every element of the project life cycle from the initial stages to completion. It accommodates the main concerns of cost management, risk assessment, scheduling, estimation and communication management.

What is construction project management software?

Construction project management software forms a single platform that enhances efficiency by having real-time visibility of the field and office. By automating & streamlining the tasks and connecting the workflows and data across the project lifecycle, the teams prove to be more productive.

What are the benefits of construction management software?

  • Real-time communication:Connecting the external stakeholders with the construction firms.
  • Process standardisation: Streamlines each step of project execution.
  • Resource management:Checking if the resource usage is aligned with the estimates.
  • Document control: Complete document managing and sharing system
  • Cost estimation and budgeting: Easier to prepare cost estimation
  • Cost control: Real-time cost data to make better profitable decisions
  • Business expansion:Promoting efficient business processes
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T cards are a simple and effective tool to track and record various processes in any business. Irrespective of industries, all organisations benefit from t cards.