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An ideal solution for smaller organisations. Get started with the Digital T Card Lite version.

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A dynamic solution for small to medium sized enterprises. Keep track of processes.

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Features / Plans Lite Pro Enterprise
Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Boards Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
T Card Coulmns and Rows Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Card Customisation Yes Yes Yes
Skill Matrix view No Yes Yes
Job History View No Yes Yes
Employee Shift Calendar No Yes Yes
Advanced Reports and Analytics Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Filtering No Yes Yes
Notifications Yes Yes Yes
Import Yes Yes Yes
Export Yes Yes Yes
Storage Limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly API Credits (if applicable) No No Unlimited
Mobile/Tablet No No Yes
SMS Notification No No Yes
User Permissions and Privileges Yes Yes Yes
Scheduling and Planning Yes Yes Yes
TCard History Yes Yes Yes
Time Line View Yes Yes Yes
Custom Integration No Yes Yes
Language Localisation No Yes Yes
Custom Branding No Yes Yes
Audit Log No Yes Yes
Customised Reports No Yes Yes
Bespoke Workflow No Yes Yes
Activity Log No Yes Yes
Out-of-the-box and custom ERP integrations No No Yes
Custom API integrations No No Yes
App exchange No No Yes
Single sign on No No Yes
Database export No No Yes
Intial Migration No No Yes

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Frequently asked questions

T-cards are a simple and effective tool to track and record various processes in any business. Organisations use T cards for production planning, scheduling, allocation, stock control and communication.

T-card systems are also known as kanban systems. It is a scheduling system popularised by Toyota, the Japanese car manufacturer. Kanban provides a visual demonstration of the ongoing process and ensures there is no interruption in the flow.

Kamishibai Lean Daily Management System keeps track of your goals, whether you are on-track or off-track to meeting goals, to take corrective action, and check whether the improvements made are sustained. T-Card software also aligns with the idea of process confirmation or daily management system.

T cards can be used for scheduling, resource management, manufacturing or production management, people management, task management and much more.

Colours say it all! We offer a wide range of colours for T-cards. Choose colours according to your task priority. Customise cards according to your preference.

Yes, we can customise T card software according to your requirements. Our team here at LTS will make sure that our T Card will match your preference and ease your processes.

You can add as many cards as you want. It can vary according to the plan that you choose.

Yes, training support will be provided by the LTS team for the organisation to get acquainted with the new system.

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