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What is Plant Hire?

The Plant Hire or Equipment Rental belongs to the service industry. They provide machinery, equipment, vehicles and tools of all kinds for a limited period to users who are not willing to buy the equipment. There are more than 17,000 equipment rental companies in Europe alone, and it is now growing quickly in the Middle East, Asia and Latin America. There are several notable advantages of plant hire.

what is plant hire
  • Access a wide range of machinery and tools for a low cost
  • Hire what you need, for the time that you need it
  • Affordable and high-quality equipment from a wider variety of options
  • Storing large equipment is no longer an issue
  • Bespoke equipment packages and a cost-effective solution

No More Tedious Asset Management

Asset Management is tedious while renting out a large number of equipment or vehicles. Managing multiple types of equipment and their details for different user is time-consuming. Using the Digital T Card system, asset management is easy. Details and status of all rented, hired or damaged assets are maintained in a single dashboard. Users can filter assets according to the asset ID, location, reference number, etc.

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Tcard software asset management

One to One Parent-Child Relationship

Users might hire multiple types of equipment at once (the Main asset and ancillary assets). Using a parent-child relationship, organisations can effectively manage the details of all equipment. A parent card is created at first, and following it, the child cards. Under a single parent card, users can see the other rented equipment details.

Drag and Drop, Multi-Colour Cards, Flexible

T card software offers multi-colour cards and drag and drop feature to ease asset management. Using multi-coloured cards, users can identify the parent-child cards, breakdown asset, Cross hired assets etc. The drag and drop feature will make the status changing process more manageable. While moving the parent card, the associated child cards will also be moved. Users can also detach a child card and change it's status.

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How Digital T Cards Help You?

Digital T cards are the best visual management tool to streamline and optimise all tasks and processes. No more excel and paperwork. Keep track of your work digitally.

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Tcard asset indication

Instant Breakdown Asset Indication

Breakdowns are common in the plant hire sector. To effectively make use of the assets, users must be aware of the available resources. Breakdown asset indications allow users to track and manage their assets continuously. Breakdown assets are indicated separately in the dashboard, and these assets can be shifted to the maintenance area.

Depot Transfer In and Out

T card systems provide dashboards for different locations/depots. When an asset is transferred from one depot to another, users can transfer the asset's respective cards. Managers of respective depots will get notifications of the transfer. While moving cards, all asset details and card information will be transferred to the new depot.

palnthire tcard system depot transfer

Dynamic and Downloadable Reports

Users will get auto-generated reports based on the Location, Asset no, Transfer, Assets, Date, User etc. Using these reports, users can identify the most used asset, foresee the future demands and plan accordingly. The reports are available in multiple formats and are downloadable.

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Tcard software planthire report

Digital T-Card Software in the Plant Hire Industry

Digital Tcard software plant hire industry

Digital T Cards are online t card solutions that help plant hire or equipment rental industries to streamline the day to day rental processes and equipment logistics. The range of management solutions that the tcard provides opens up new windows of the commercial construction sector to the equipment rental sector.

Online TCards softwares in the plant hire industry oversee and manage these motions. The plant hires that use the digital tcard online system for their management has the following upper hand over the ones that don't use them:

Asset Management:

Asset management integration and asset condition management are the key features of the plant hire Tcard system.The fleet managers can monitor the hire along with the yards and keep a close eye on the movement of the vehicles and equipment from a single portal.The asset management feature helps proactively manage the hire equipment and maximise asset utilisation.

Paperless forms check and record the equipment condition pre-hire.

Recording and tracking complete asset histories, including the due dates and machine conditions on collection and linking of the assets, ease the operations of the foreman.

The plant hire software is a cloud-based asset management platform which digitally tracks the statuses and allocates the assets accordingly. It also plans the asset or the equipment replacement by setting up operating or useful life spans, decommissioning dates and then tracking the replacement through the powerful, automated custom reports. The digital T Card software acts as the strongbox for asset lifecycle management or Enterprise Asset Management(EAM).

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Maintenance Management

Regular maintenance and inspection are the fundamental factors that concern the overseer in a plant hire industry. High-quality equipment with minimum upkeep and zero downtime are always the essential criteria that keep the equipment rental companies in the market. Hence dynamic maintenance and service interval lists and reminders are indispensable. Digital TCard in Plant hire manages equipment servicing schedules and records the maintenance and repairs.

Preventive, Predictive and Proactive maintenance together optimise the efficiency of the hire.

Inspection Management

The on and off-hire inspections provide the equipment inspection records, which can give an understanding of the quality of the plant, equipment and tools by measuring and reviewing them against the standards and guidelines.

Rental Inventory Management

The plant hire tcard plans, schedules, forecast and optimise the resources in the plant and the hire. The various other features that come under resource management include:

  • Multi-user access
  • Equipment rental scheduling
  • Waste management service offered by some hires
  • Logistics and transportation of the equipment
  • Warehouse operations
  • Reservation management
  • Availability scheduling
  • Prevent double handling
  • Crew management
  • Tools for employee
  • Customer communication
  • Damage forecasting
  • Managing sub-rental requests for resolving shortages.

Tracking system

Real-time control of the yard and the hire is provided by mapping the machinery and equipment storage locations. The multiple locations are tracked along with the equipment check-in and checkouts and allow tracking by equipment or employee. Capturing the on-hire times and off-hire times provides traceability. This proactive tracking system provides a blueprint of equipment stock levels and locations and reduces thefts and losses.


The real-time activity reports on the equipment availability and utilisation helps in the analysis of the purchase trends. Demand forecasting and trend analytics predict the market prospects.

Work Order management

Task allocation, work status and history are managed by the plant hire softwares. With these, prioritising the high-value orders, labour scheduling and employee management are also carried out.

Whether a long term or a short term hire or even if it is a cross hire, the management of the daily hire processes is mitigated easily through the digital T Card online solution. It automates the time-consuming processes through real-time information updates and drag & drop scheduling for jobs, operators, equipment and sites.

What is the most effective way to manage the maintenance of your equipment in the plant hire industry?

Digital Tcards can manage the regular maintenance and inspection of your equipment rental industry. Tcard softwares can operate the equipment servicing schedules and records the maintenance of the equipment. Preventive, predictive and proactive maintenance can optimise the hire's efficiency.

How to choose the best rental inventory management software for your plant hire?

Select the management software solution that can plan, schedule, forecast and optimise the resources in the plant and the hire. It should also possess other features like multi-user access, rental scheduling, logistics and transportation, warehouse operations, crew management, damage forecasting, etc.

How can you get the location reports for the Plant hire industry?

Plant Hire Tcards provide location reports that can filter the assets based on the location and help to identify the current and expected work completion status. The expected work completion date can help the organisation to plan for future asset allocation.

How can Asset reporting help in your equipment rental industry?

Plant hire Tcards can generate asset reports that can help you gather reports for each asset. The efficiency of the assets can be increased by constantly monitoring their performance and keeping track of where the assets are allocated.

Can digital Tcards keep track of the assets transfers between the depots?

The digital Tcards for the plant hire industry provide for Depot Transfer reports, which can keep track of assets that are transferred from one depot to another. These reports can be analysed to identify the most demanding assets.

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