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T cards are a simple and effective tool to track and record various processes in any business. Organisations use T cards for production planning, scheduling, allocation, stock control and communication.

T card systems are also known as kanban systems. It is a scheduling system popularised by Toyota, the Japanese car manufacturer. Kanban provides a visual demonstration of the ongoing process and ensures there is no interruption in the flow.

Kamishibai Lean Daily Management System keeps track of your goals, whether you are on-track or off-track to meeting goals, to take corrective action, and check whether the improvements made are sustained. T Card software also aligns with the idea of process confirmation or daily management system.

Digital T Cards System

Access from anywhere
Multiple users
Updates in real-time
Not prone to damage
No limitation in terms of board size, cards
User-friendly interface
Drag and Drop facility
Highly customisable
Remote collaboration is possible
Fast data transmission
Capture metrics and automatically generate reports
Integration to third-party tools
Established and stable workflows
Transparent and spontaneous communication
Streamline your schedules and tasks
Automatic sorting, highlighting with colours and flags
Save time and reduce cost
T cards online/ web based/ web t cards/ tcard app/ t card software/ online t card system
Oversees key Information of tasks

Physical T-Cards

Limited by manual access
Limited users
Delayed updates
Prone to damage
Limitation in board size, card numbers, information on a card
Not a user-friendly interface
Manual displacement of cards
Limited customisation
No remote collaboration
Delayed data transmission
No automated report generation
No integration with other systems
Interrupted workflow
Delayed and unclear communications
Physical tcard boards limits expansion
Manual sorting and limited highlighting option
Time consuming
Excel/ paper-based t cards
Limited view of information of tasks

T cards can be used for scheduling, resource management, manufacturing or production management, people management, task management and much more.

Colours say it all! We offer a wide range of colours for T-cards. Choose colours according to your task priority. Customise cards according to your preference.

Yes, we can customise T card software according to your requirements. Our team here at LTS will make sure that our T Card will match your preference and ease your processes.

You can add as many cards as you want. It can vary according to the plan that you choose.

Kindly click the link below and fill the form. Our team will contact you with other information. click here

Yes, training support will be provided by the LTS team for the organisation to get acquainted with the new system.

It depends on your requirements and further customisation. Please visit our pricing page for more details. click here

Yes you can. The free trial is for 1 Month. Kindly click the link below and fill the form. Our team will contact you with other information. click here

You can add as many boards/columns as you want. It can vary according to the plan that you choose.

Yes, all the updates will be made available to the existing users.

T cards are used in various industries such as, manufacturing, production, healthcare, automotive, construction etc. Organisations also use T cards for process confirmation, scheduling and resource management.

Feel free to talk to our team of experts and get insights on how T cards will help your organisation ease the overall processes.

Yes, third party app integration is possible. Third party applications integration is no more a tedious task.

Y Digital T Card is so dynamic to integrate with the other management information and ERP systems in the organisation. The electronic T Card system automatically receives all the departmental data from the ERP system using the REST API service.

T card software can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Gain access over multiple devices, track and monitor progress from different locations. iPad, Mobile or a Web-based solution, access T Card on multiple devices.

Yes we do provide other Industry 4.0 solutions. To know more please visit

The drag-and-drop functionality of the digital Tcard system simplifies the overall process by making the status-changing process more manageable. By clicking and moving the task from one stage to another, you get instant visibility of the actions.

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