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Identify and allocate resources according to the assigned task or activity.

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Irrespective of industries, Digital T Card Software enhanced their business processes.

Manage Multiple Resources Effectively

Resource management is the process of utilising various resources effectively to get a job done. The resources can be workforce, equipment, materials, vehicles etc. Digital T Card manages multiple resources effectively in a single dashboard.

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Identify and Allocate Resources

Identify and allocate resources according to the assigned task or activity. Identify the available resources and their current status to plan future tasks. Proper allocation of resources saves time and reduces costs.

Effective Resource Planning

Planning in important is resource management to avoid confusion as the task progresses. Keep track on the availability of resources. The T card calendar gives an overview of resources and their statuses.

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How Digital T Cards Help You?

Digital T cards are the best visual management tool to streamline and optimise all tasks and processes. No more excel and paperwork. Keep track of your work digitally.

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Record Resource Status

Get detailed information on available, assigned and de-mobilised resources. Tracking resource status will help in the allocation process. Those resources which are de-mobilised can be replaced or sent for further maintenance.

Resource History

Get detailed history notes on each resource, the task they were working on, working hours, task completion details and much more. Evaluate the efficiency of each resource by analysing resource history.


Auto-Generated Reports

Get multiple, downloadable reports. Get reports on resources and their effectiveness. Identify the most efficient resource from these reports and implement actions to improve performance of other resources.

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T cards are a simple and effective tool to track and record various processes in any business. Irrespective of industries, all organisations benefit from t cards.