Digital Kamishibai
Boards- Daily Management System

Kamishibai Lean Daily Management System keeps track of your goals, whether you are on-track or off-track to meeting goals, to take corrective action, and check whether the improvements made are sustained.

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What are Digital Kamishibai Boards?

Kamishibai boards are a visual control tool, used to perform audits for various processes. The method was popularised by the Toyota Production System (TPS). Audits are carried out regularly as per the schedule allocated to each individual. It ensures that audits are performed consistently and monitored regularly.


Kamishibai for Process Confirmation

Standardise daily, weekly and monthly audits using Digital Kamishibai Boards. Process Confirmation is a systematic audit process to check whether the work is done according to the standards and control points. These audits lead to productive discussions and insights on actions to be implemented.


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T cards are a simple and effective tool to track and record various processes in any business. Irrespective of industries, all organisations benefit from t cards.


Standardise Daily, Weekly and Monthly Audits with Kamishibai Software

Schedule, allocate and execute audits. Assign responsibility to individuals, track progress of the audits, initiate and implement corrective measures. Create tasks in a Click! No more delayed audits, get it done on time.

  • Easily Allocate and Execute Audits
  • Initiate Action Plans
  • No More Delayed Audits
  • Continuous Monitoring of Processes

Origin of Kamishibai

Origin of Kamishibai, (kah-mee-she-bye) or “paper-theater,” can be traced back to the early 1930s in Japan. It is a tradition of picture storytelling, in which the audience saw and heard what happened to characters in the story and compared their lives to the characters in the kamishibai story; similar to self-audit. The same concept is applied in the Kamishibai board system where an audit is conducted against a set standard for each process.


Kamishibai Cards

Kamishibai Cards contain information on what to be done, by whom, when and how for confirming process integrity. Audits are assigned and monitored regularly. These audits give insight on the ongoing processes. As the audit progress status of cards can be changed and updated.

Kamishibai & Gemba Walk

Gemba walks help you understand the ground level reality and the problems faced. Gemba walks maintains Lean practices and drives further improvement within the organisation. Digital Kamishibai board gives an overview of the processes to help structure every part of Gemba walk. Use Kamishibai Boards to get the job done at the right time.


Kamishibai a Form of Total Preventive Maintenance

In Total Preventive Maintenance (TPM) regular checkups are done to prevent machine breakdowns. Likewise, regular Kamishibai audits identify slipping standards within each process and ensure smooth functioning of the Lean Management System.

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Other T Card Features


Interactive Drag and Drop T-Cards

Simplify the overall process! Click and move your tasks from one stage to another.

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Schedule & Prioritise Events

No more waiting! Schedule and Prioritise tasks on the go. Set different priority levels for each task...

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Configurable TCard Features

Cards of your Choice! Get multicolour cards, assign tasks and see the history of each task and process in detail.

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Mobility & Global Accessibility

Access T card software anytime from anywhere! Explore more on tcard Mobile, iPad, and Web applications.

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Reports and Analytics

Get auto-generated reports and summaries in a click! Gather meaningful insights, to improve business performance.

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to Integrate

Easier than ever to integrate with ERP and MES Systems. Access and centralise real-time information.

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