T Card-Features

Make it right for you! Configure T cards as you wish. Ensure clear and transparent communication using Digital T-Cards.

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Add & Edit T Cards

Add innumerable cards. Change or rename card title according to your preference. Whether it is a department, user or a task status, change it with much ease.


Choose Multiple Colours

Colours say it all! Wide range of colours for T-cards. Choose colours according to your task priority. Easily identify priority and departments using color code.


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T cards are a simple and effective tool to track and record various processes in any business. Irrespective of industries, all organisations benefit from t cards.

Change T Card Title

No more confusion between T card titles. Customise T Card titles. Let the workflow be transparent and precise.


Update T Card Status

Status Updated! No need to wait, update task status for each T card. History of each process is made available in the respective T-Card. Ensure clear and transparent communication.

Other T Card Features


Interactive Drag and Drop T-Cards

Simplify the overall process! Click and move your tasks from one stage to another.

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Digital Kamishibai

Optimise process with Digital Kamishibai boards. Follow-up of key work routines and tasks made easier.

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Schedule & Prioritise Events

No more waiting! Schedule and Prioritise tasks on the go. Set different priority levels for each task...

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Mobility & Global Accessibility

Access T card software anytime from anywhere! Explore more on tcard Mobile, iPad, and Web applications.

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Reports and Analytics

Get auto-generated reports and summaries in a click! Gather meaningful insights, to improve business performance.

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to Integrate

Easier than ever to integrate with ERP and MES Systems. Access and centralise real-time information.

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