Easy Scheduling Using Digital T Cards

Schedule, allocate and execute each task in advance using Digital T Card.

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Irrespective of industries, Digital T Card Software enhanced their business processes.

Simplify Task Scheduling

Create tasks in a Click! Schedule each task in advance, allocate and execute them. Assign responsibility to individuals. Enter details such as who, what, when and how in T cards.

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Prioritise and Allocate Jobs

Prioritise task using multicoloured T Cards. Allocate tasks to individuals and get it done on time. Job allocation is easier than ever. Detailed information in T cards will avoid confusions.

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Calendar View of Scheduled Tasks

Get an overview of tasks and assigned employees, using calendar view. See at a glance the scheduled, ongoing and pending task details. See task history and status updates in real-time.

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Manage & Monitor Jobs

Manage all tasks in a single T Card dashboard. Visualise the progress of tasks, and monitor their performance. Drag and Drop feature helps change the status of tasks easily.

Execute Tasks with Consistency

Let there be no delays in the whole process. From task scheduling to execution, the T card ensures consistency. Monitor performance and increase efficiency. Continuous monitoring gives consistent results.


Align Goals Within Organisation

Align organisational goals from top to the bottom level. Monitor how well teams are performing, to achieve the set organisational goals. Maximise efficiency by executing tasks on time.

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Countless Reports

Get countless digital reports. T card collects all related information on scheduled, ongoing and pending tasks and auto-generates reports. Analyse how effectively each task was executed.

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T cards are a simple and effective tool to track and record various processes in any business. Irrespective of industries, all organisations benefit from t cards.