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Visualise production plans and allocate work orders to machines automatically.

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Irrespective of industries, Digital T Card Software enhanced their business processes.

Visualise Production Plans with Digital T Cards

Flexible | Visibility | Unlimited Cards | Web Based T Card | Activity Stream | Drag and Drop

T Card software is a web based solution for production planning, employee scheduling and production execution. This web based t card solution helps the manufacturer to transform the factory into an Industry 4.0 environment.

  • Replace Physical T Cards
  • T Card for Production Planning
  • Simplified IT Administration
  • Work Order Planning, Scheduling, Tracking and Execution
  • Individual and Team Board View
  • Detailed Card Information with Specifications
  • Checklist for Each Process
  • Easy to Reschedule the Tasks
What is T Card?

Simple Dashboard View of Entire Production Plan

Machine Availability | Work Order Allocation | Scrap Analysis

Visualise your production plans with T card Software. Digital T card software accurately keeps track of the entire process, from work order planning to execution.

  • Work Order Planning and Execution
  • Optimise Overall Process
  • Save Time and Reduce Confusions
  • Allocate Machines for Each Work Order
  • Records and Analyse Scrap
  • Web t cards/Online T card system
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Wrestling with Work Order Management?

Work Order | Timeline | Check sheets | Switch Process

T Cards online software effectively tracks and manages all work order information through a single dashboard and ensures all the processes are completed in the right way-every time. It provides a visual representation of the workflow, employee shift cycle, risk management, and downtime reporting. Our T cards systems allows manufacturers to quickly create a work order, timeline activities, work status, and check sheet to improve the production process by optimising the process.

  • Visual Work Order Planning and Management
  • Timeline Representation of the Workflow
  • Check Sheets to Ensure Quality
  • Work Order Status and Percentage of Completion

Automatically Allocate Work Orders!

OEE | Production Planning | Work Order Allocation

Digital T Card system software will track real-time information on machines available for production. A newly received work order can be easily allocated to machines. Machine availability in manufacturing denotes the efficiency of the machine that is run time vs planned production time.

  • Machine Availability
  • Real-Time Information
  • Work Order Management
  • Run Time vs Planned Production Time

Easily Track, Manage & Streamline Shift Management

Shift Type | Employee Shift Assign | Shift Duration | Shift Calendar

It is important to have a streamlined employee shift management process to ensure a smooth production flow in the factory. The employee shift management module enables the employer to effectively optimise their shift scheduling, planning, and shift calendar with utmost accuracy.

  • Streamlined Shift Management
  • Integrated Shift Planning and Scheduling
  • Track Employees
  • Work Shift Calendar
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Measure OEE, the Heart of Manufacturing!

Best Manufacturing Practice | Measure Productivity and Effectiveness

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is the standard for measuring manufacturing productivity. It helps manufacturers identify the percentage of manufacturing time that is truly productive.

  • OEE Analysis
  • OEE Reports
  • Insights on Improving Manufacturing Process
  • Productive Manufacturing
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Maximise Efficiency, Stay on Track

Detailed Reports | Easy Analysis of Shifts | Identify Highly Productive Shifts

Shift Output Reports shows the productivity of different shifts. The efficiency of machines that work on each shift is analysed and reports are auto-generated. Manufacturers can identify the shifts that have high productivity levels and can allocate work orders.

  • Real-Time Reports
  • High Productivity
  • Auto-Generated Reports
  • Machine Efficiency

Real-Time Scrap Report Analysis

Scrap Analysis | Scrap Reason | Root-Cause Analysis |

The scrap reporting option in the T Cards systems provides the ability to record and analyse scrap reason that occurs during the production process.

  • Recording Scrap Number and Scrap Reason
  • Real-Time Scrap Reason Analysis
  • Root-Cause Analysis
  • Prevent Recurrence
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Job History and Risk Management

Hazard Level | Risk Ranking | Track and Report Risk | Risk Duration

Job history provides a complete record of the job scheduled for each employee. A single click can quickly view shift patterns, working hours, and hazard level details. As the complexity of high risk level task grows, there is a critical need for efficient ways of structuring the risk landscape.

  • Details of Scheduled Tasks
  • Measure Hazard Level
  • Real-Time Accessibility
  • Risk Analysis and Control
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Explore possibilities for Individual Improvement

Employee Skills | Competency Levels | Individual Improvement

An employee skills matrix gives an overview of a team’s skills, knowledge and competency levels. Using a skill-matrix, employers can quickly identify employee skill levels in different operations.

  • Team’s Skill Overview
  • Employee Appreciation
  • Skill Identification
  • Increase Competency Level

Easily Connect to MES & ERP Systems

Integrated Communication | Automation | Single Sign-On | Data Consistency | Rest API

Digital T card system software is dynamic as it will integrate with the other management information and ERP systems in the organisation. The Electronic T Card systems automatically receives all the departmental data from the ERP system using the REST API service.

  • No Data Redundancy
  • Increased Flexibility and Process Efficiency
  • Centralised and Accessible Information
  • Saves Data Entry Time and Cost
  • Comprehensive Process Visibility
  • Integrated Operation
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T cards are a simple and effective tool to track and record various processes in any business. Irrespective of industries, all organisations benefit from t cards.

Dynamic Production Reports and Charts

Dynamic Reports | Graphical Representation | Detailed Analysis

Dynamic T Card software provides a graphical representation of various manufacturing processes. Customise multiple reports for the organisation to track and monitor overall performance.

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