No Real-Time Visibility of Work Order? Try Dynamic T Cards!

November 9, 2021

T Cards are the smart solution to lean manufacturing. Manufacturing industries across the globe struggle with work order planning, initiation and execution. A powerful solution is already at work for easy work order management. The T Card is already a developed, tried and tested framework. Even now, traditional physical t cards are being used widely to consolidate manufacturing processes. Taking it one step further, the digitised t card opens innumerable possibilities of using t cards in the manufacturing industry. Investing in smart software is the best way to streamline operations and improve operational efficiency.

Still Using Traditional Methods for Production Plan Visualisation?


Organisations still carry out production plan visualisation and execution process using traditional methods such as conventional t cards and excel. Traditional T Card System consists of a board and T shaped paper or plastic cards, in which information was viewed, retrieved and updated manually. The traditional t card system was limited in certain areas such as;

  • Delayed updates

  • Prone to damage

  • Limited board size and no. of cards

  • Remote collaboration is not possible

  • Manual reporting

  • No MES or ERP integration

  • Unclear and delayed communications

  • Time-consuming

Another option that the manufacturers rely on for production plan visualisation is the excel spreadsheet. A production schedule managed in excel is likely to be out of date. No last-minute update on work order related information is possible. Another challenge faced is the management of multiple users in a single spreadsheet. Who, what, and when made the updates is unclear; this makes the whole process complex. While using excel, manufacturers face challenges such as;

  • Loss of data and time

  • High error rates

  • Delays the whole process

  • No proper structure

  • Difficult to analyse high volume data

  • Confusions and chaos

Manage Complexity in Production Planning with Digital T Cards.


Identify bottlenecks in production planning. Production plan visualisation is vital in the manufacturing industry. Using Dynamic Digital T cards, manufacturers can effectively plan their work orders based on machine availability. T Cards automatically identifies and allocates work orders to available machines. This helps save time and increase machine efficiency. T Card keeps track of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). T Card is an all in one solution for manufacturing processes; it is not just about production plan visualisation, work order scheduling and management. Manufacturers can access Digital T Cards from anywhere at any time. Manufacturers can gain multiple advantages if they incorporate Digital T card systems in their production processes, such as;

  • Real-time updates

  • Not prone to damage

  • No limitation in terms of cards or board size

  • User-friendly interface 

  • Highly customisable

  • Remote collaboration is possible

  • Fast data transmission

  • Auto-generated reports

  • Streamline schedules and tasks

  • Save time and reduce cost

  • Flexible and transparent

Get Complete Production Plan Visibility


Real-time work order related information is available right at your fingertips. Users can manage all work-order related information in a single dashboard and ensure that all processes are executed in the right way every single time. Different colour of cards indicates the priority of work orders. T Card gives an overview of the workflow, risk management, employee shift cycle and downtime reporting. Gather numerous reports on scrap reason, OEE, Shift Efficiency, Employee Management and much more. T Card undoubtedly creates an environment for continuous improvement. Auto-generated reports give meaningful insights on production plan visualisation and execution process.

The scrap reporting feature in Digital T Card helps manufacturers to identify and remove all kinds of scrap and scrap reasons in production processes. The easiest way to reduce scrap is by optimising the production process. Constantly keeping an eye upon scrap reasons will allow organisations to identify root causes and eliminate them.

Digital T cards can be integrated with other MES and ERP systems. An integrated approach in the production process will ease the overall process of production planning and execution. No more multiple system management. Dynamic Digital T Cards are the 'All in One Solution' for Production Plan Visualisation and Execution

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