Digital T Cards for Production Plan Visualisation & Execution

October 13, 2021

Why Digital T Cards? The simple and effective framework of the Digital T-Card system makes it one of the best business tools for production planning and execution processes. For manufacturers across the globe, production plan visualisation and execution has been a tedious job. Digital T cards systems allow manufacturers to effectively plan their work orders based on machine availability and keep track of them. Visual planning of the production process and work order management is possible using digital t card software. 

Using T Cards, organisations can assign and allocate work orders to machines with much ease. All system stakeholders will be updated frequently regarding the status of assigned work orders. T Card ensures live data visibility and clear and transparent communication across the organisation. Multicolour cards in t cards denote priority levels, using which users can quickly identify and execute work orders of high priority. Organisations can improve collaboration, reduce confusion and minimise mistakes in the production process. Efficient work order scheduling gives end-to-end visibility and better utilisation of all resources.

Organisations can ensure the effective utilisation of resources in production lines. An effective T-Card system makes production planning and executing processes more efficient. Users of T-Card software unanimously agree that their production process has shown more significant improvements after T-Card implementation.


Digital T card software accurately keeps track of the entire process, from work order planning to execution. A complete production schedule can be viewed at-a-glance. According to machine availability, web-based T cards will allocate work orders. All work order related information is available through a single dashboard. In manufacturing, scrap is a reality impacting organisations across all industries and product lines. The dynamic digital T card systems also records and analyses scrap reasons that occur during the production process. By analysing the scrap reason, manufacturers can implement effective root cause analysis to prevent a recurrence. 

Using Dynamic Digital T Cards, Organisations can gain multiple benefits such as:

  • Easy Work Order Planning and Execution

  • Optimise Overall Process 

  • Save Time and Reduce Confusions

  • Allocate Machines for Each Work Order 

  • Records and Analyse Scrap

  • Quality Assurance

  • Machine Availability

  • Real-Time Information

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