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record various processes in an organisation.
Organisations use t cards for production planning record various

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Location Reports for Better Understanding

Plant Hire T cards allow organisations to filter assets based on location, identify the current and expected work completion status. Having an understanding of the work completion date will help the organisation plan for future asset allocation.


Stay Sharp with Assets Report

Gather reports for each asset. Increase efficiency of assets by constantly monitoring their performance. Easily keep track of where the assets are allocated.

Depot Transfer Report

Keep track of the assets that are transferred from one depot to another. Analyse reports and identify the most demanding assets.


Customer is the King!

Plant Hire T card will help generate reports on your valuable users. Identifying your key clients and their requirements helps organisations allocate assets effectively.

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T cards are a simple and effective tool to track and record various processes in any business. Irrespective of industries, all organisations benefit from t cards.