Ease Asset Management in Plant Hire Industry Using Digital T Cards!

January 12, 2022

Why Plant Hire/Equipment Rental Services are Important?

The Plant Hire sector provides customers with a lower capital solution to sourcing equipment. Many firms rent or lease equipment from the industry to support profit margins and minimise costs. There are several advantages of the plant hire sector.

  • Access a wide range of machinery and tools for a low cost

  • Affordable and high-quality equipment from a wider variety of options

  • Hire what is required, for the time that you need it

  • Recent equipment readily available

  • Storing large equipment is no longer an issue

  • Practical and theoretical training for customers to ease the use of equipment

  • Bespoke equipment packages and a cost-effective solution

Digital T Cards for Plant Hire Industry.

Digital T Cards for Plant Hire Industry.

The Plant Hire industry is complex in terms of resource/asset management. Renting out equipment to multiple locations and their management can be complex. This is where Digital T cards for Plant Hire comes in and makes the job easy, gone are the days of complicated asset management.

Let us have a look at how Plant hire software eases the overall asset management process.

Asset Management - Asset management is easy using the Digital T Card system. Managing multiple types of equipment and their status and other details for various users is time-consuming.

Comprehensive Information - Using Plant Hire software, users will get comprehensive and updated information regarding each asset. 

Real-Time Data - Details and status of all hired, rented, or damaged assets, their current location, rental period, closure date can be updated and retrieved at any time.

Keep Track of Available Resources - To use the assets effectively, users must be aware of the available resources. The multi-colour cards in Digital t cards help users identify new, hired, damaged and cross-hired assets.

Drag & Drop - The drag and drop feature makes the status changing process more manageable. Manage assets in multiple locations and keep an eye on their performance.

Address Breakdowns - Another challenge faced is identifying and addressing breakdowns or asset damage. Breakdown asset indications feature in Digital T cards allow users to track and manage their assets and shift them to the maintenance area.

No doubt, the Plant Hire sector will advance rapidly by incorporating digital tools to manage its operations. Digital T Cards for Plant Hire is the right choice for easy asset management and to improve the efficiency and productivity of its operation.